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What is SSATool?
SSATool is a utility designed to help create Advanced Substation Alpha (SSA) scripts. Various utilities such as time shifting are available, as well as more advanced effects generators like karaoke and gradients.

What do I need to run it?
As of version 3.0, SSATool is programmed C#, which requires the Microsoft .Net framework. Currently, I am using 2.0, so you will need the 2.0 framework, available from Microsoft here. There is ongoing work to make an open source version of .Net (Mono), which you may try if you don't use Windows.

May 31: SSATool 4.3.6 released, fixing a minor issue with karaoke project files.
May 04: SSATool released, fixing a few minor things.
Jan. 13: SSATool released, fixing a crash on minimize.
Jan. 06: SSATool 4.3.5 released
Dec. 19: SSATool 4.3.4 released
Dec. 10: SSATool 4.3.3 released
Dec. 04: SSATool 4.3.2 released
Oct. 31: SSATool 4.3.1 released, see changelog.
Oct. 27: I made a real site! Now I need to get around to making it less ugly. Maybe in another few years.
Oct. 19: SSATool released, fixing the karaoke conditions that 4.3 broke.

SSATool is copyrighted by Dan Donovan